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TracK 1 -three teachers for three days

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Track 1 - Pick one Teacher for Each Day

Tory Brokenshire

Limit 10

Tory and her dog, Radish

Tory and her dog, Radish

Tory is a mixed media artist who has recently achieved her goal of moving to Lincoln City, OR where she can share the beaches with her family - both four and two-legged.

creating felted fur babies with tory BOrkenshire

Have you always wanted to capture the essence of your favorite pet or animal but were reluctant to draw or paint him or her? Now is your opportunity to learn how to capture your special fur baby into a one-of-a-kind felted treasure. Or maybe you have a favorite imaginary animal that you would love to bring to life? Join Tory in the Treehouse that overlooks the forest to make your family treasure.

Student supply list

Photo of your animal or a drawing of your imaginary friend that you would like to bring to life. Felting wool such as Merino Wool Roving, 4 oz for your sculpture’s main body color. Small amounts of various colors of wool for detail, eyes, feet, etc. Small fine tip scissors.

Teacher will Supply

Felting needles, base foam for felting, assortment of colored wool for details, pipe cleaners and armature wire.

Cori Dantini

Limit 20

1476316_10202265305292201_381165759_n copy.jpg

In this class you will discover a fresh take on mixed media painting with an experienced illustrator and licensing artist who has vast retail experience. Cori is a mixed media artist from Pullman, Washington.

Layer by layer- mixed media girls with cori dantini

Layer by layer, you will create whimsical pieces of art using all kinds of medium. You begin by creating a quiet paper layer which will help to build the foundation for your magical paintings. By using pencil, marker, ink, watercolor and acrylic paint over your papered under-painting, you will discover a new way to tell a painted story.

This process is magical…whether it be a hidden message or a bit of poetry peeking from the edge, you will be amazed by the surprises that will reveal themselves, if you allow them the opportunity to be seen.

Student Supply List

Five wooden cradles of various sizes (4x4, 4x6, 5x7, 6x8). Vintage paper/ephemera. Glue. Wax paper. Three/fourth inch flat brush for glue. HB pencil. Eraser, kneadable and rubber. Black, green, red calligraphy ink (FW is great). Spoon model/saji nibs. Calligraphy nib holder (compatible with your nib choice). Watercolor paints. No. 4 round paintbrush - treat yourself to a nice one (you won’t regret it), and extra pointed is a nice addition if you want to have fine lines. Markers (all kinds). Colored pencils. Golden white acrylic paint. Flat paint brushes 2/4/6 (inexpensive ones). Sanding square. Exacto knife. Cutting pad. Scissors. Container for water.

lendon noe

Limit 15


Lendon Noe is a native of Jackson, Tennessee, where she has been a Professor of Art at Lambuth University, Head of the School of Arts and Communications, and Chair of the Visual Art Department. She taught primarily drawing, painting and design.

making a personal connection with a new place with Lendon Noe

We travel to renew ourselves, to be surprised and amazed. But often we come home with only a blur of memories. The process used in this class is designed to help you focus on where you are and to connect this beautiful setting to your personal history. This can be translated to anywhere you travel.

We will spend time exploring this site, taking cellphone pictures and making rubbings to use in collages, drawings and watercolor washes. This connection will yield some remarkable results that will emphasize value, texture and keeping color to a minimum. You will come away with a series of surprisingly meaningful mixed media pieces in a portable paper pocket.

Student Supply list

A photocopy of a personal photograph. A personal letter (photocopy). A favorite poem. Geometric stencil and/or French curve. A 4H graphite pencil, watercolors and brush, or a neutral tube of burnt umber. 6B Lyra graphite stick and/or conte crayon. Glue stick and/or matte medium and brush. Cellphone. X-acto knife. Scissors. Steel ruler. One full sheet (22x30) of black Stonehenge paper. A Fabriano Studio Watercolor Pad, hot press 140 lbs. 9x12.

Carla Sonheim

Limit 20


Carla Sonheim is a mixed media artist and author of two art books. She and her husband, Steve, run a successful on-line forum for art classes in Seattle, WA.

mixed media collage with carla sonheim

Get ready for a full day of mixed-media exploration, techniques and fun! In the morning we’ll make some grid collages, people collages, and moon-paper transparency collages. In the afternoon we will go larger and make a "scraped" animal collage and a more elaborate landscape illustration, complete with sidewalk-crack characters.

We will work with vintage and found papers, hand-painted paper, “moon” paper/transparencies, drawings, photocopies, "tape texture pulls" and more!

Student Supply list

A file folder’s worth of paper ephemera/scraps. Glue stick. A favorite magazine to cut up and use. Roll of packing tape. Pens, colored pencils, markers of your choice (Carla will have a lot to share). A small jar of matte gel medium (matte, not glossy). One or two bottles of Golden High Flow Acrylic paint (colors of your choice). Watercolors and large brush. One-inch blue painter’s tape. Gelli Plate (8”x10” - some will be available if you do not want to purchase your own).

Instructor will provide

Transparency paper, sidewalk cracks, oil pastels, some markers, all substrate paper needed

christina romeo

limit 15

Christina Romeo

Portland, Oregon artist Christina Romeo paints, stitches and sculpts to find the connections between feeling, texture and color.

impact of possibility, mixed media abstract portraits with christina romeo

Elevate your mixed media portrait work and explore the possibilities of mixing charcoal, ink and thread. In an intuitive approach, we will allow your individual process to develop using visual study and feel. Taking a free approach with loose application of charcoal onto paper. You will then build washes of tone using ink and then tie it all together with detail work, and simple embroidery to encourage uniqueness in abstraction.

student supply list

Strathmore Watercolor Paper - Cold Press 9”x12” - 300 series. One medium sized hand mirror. Small container for water. Vintage photos for reference (preferably a portrait shot of one or two people with somber expressions). Vine charcoal. Pencils (assorted for sketching detail). Eraser. Black Sumi or Speedball ink (colored ink if also desired - great for contrast). Colored pencils. Tissue Paper (student choice). Modge Podge glue or Matte Medium. Small assortment of inexpensive craft paint, no more than 5 colors (student choice). Scissors. Detail brushes and one mop-style watercolor brush. One palate knife with a small pointy edge.

Optional Supplies

Colored Ink Pens. Embroidery needle and a DMC Skein of Embroidery Floss (bright color is best!)

leslie west

limit 12

Leslie West

Leslie West is a mixed media artist who loves to work in encaustic, cold wax and assemblage mediums. She also applies her artistic talents to staging houses in the Seattle area. She lives in Seattle and Vaughn Bay, Washington.

Create memory boxes with leslie west

Now is the time to take all those trinkets that you have been squirreling away, gather them up, and together with Leslie you will create memory boxes that you can proudly display in your home or give away as special presents. It may be a picture of your grandfather and a medal that he earned in the war, or a cigar label from his favorite vice, or a scorecard where he scored a hole-in-one at his favorite golf course. You will build your box using these visual and 3-D items.

Student supply list

Pictures that are meaningful to you - no larger than 4”x6”. A collection of ephemera - can be items that evoke memories or emotion. Papers or copies of documents that you can cut up and use. Cigar boxes. Items to use as feet on your boxes. Scissors. Apron. Ruler. Small hand tools - screw drivers. Matte medium (small bottle). Scraper or credit card. Altoid tins.

Instructor will provide

Kits including shadow box, ephemera, wood glue

Materials Fee: $25 to be paid to instructor

Track 2 - Pick only one Teacher (3-day class)

morgan brig

Limit 15


Morgan Brig is a mixed media artist from Vashon Island, WA. She loves to capture emotion in her sculptures using multiple layers of media that bring the subtlety of expression to each character.

mixed media sculptures with morgan brig

Join Morgan in a 3-day workshop where you will create magical, whimsical small figures using Apoxie Clay over basic wood forms and/or found objects. You will also learn to braze simple copper parts, apply decals, paint and crackle-finish to your figures. There is joy in making these mixed media pieces and you will delight yourself in what you create.

student supply list

Four pounds Apoxie Sculpt white clay. Exacto knife. Wood eggs/spheres. Wood dowel, 1-inch diameter, about a foot long. Wood toy blocks of plain small wood blocks, 1-inch square. Wood base (optional) approx 2x2x1.5 inch. Two part epoxy 5-minute glue. Cut tacks #4, 7/16 inch. Small screw eyes, 7/16 inch. Wood screws, 4x1/2 inch, slotted flat head, steel or brass (box). Small plastic caps from cartons bottles, etc. to use as necks, 1/2-1 inch approximate diameter. Acrylic paint: white, black, raw umber, red, yellow, blue (more if desired). Paint brushes - small and medium. Metal hole punch. DecoArt One Step Crackle Paint, 2 ounces. Small found objects you would like to incorporate. Charms. Tin snips. Straight edge or ruler. Scissors. Water container for painting. Palette paper. Matte Medium - 8 ounces. Extra fine point Sharpie pen, blue or black. Small slotted screw driver. Coping saw. Rag. Fur, feathers, leather (optional).

Materials fee: $25 to be paid at registration

pamela caughey

limit 14

Pamela Caughey

Pamela Caughey is from Hamilton, Montana where she practices encaustic and cold wax mediums. She also mentors other artists and teaches classes world wide.

powerful design and personal color with pamela caughey

This workshop is for beginner through advanced artists who would like to learn how to create “their best art” through powerful design and personal color. These techniques can be used by artists wanting to learn how to paint using cold wax, encaustics, acrylics and oil media. Students will learn how to mix and apply a wide range of colors, grays, and glazes through short, explorative exercises.

Pamela will take you through the Nine Stages of Creativity to discover your personal voice. You will start out as a child, playing, then grow into the rebellious teenage stage of messiness and confusion, and finally, the adult stage where you will make your final edits to your painting.

Through demonstrations, presentations, and working one on one, each student will be able to approach a painting at any stage of development and understand the “when” and “how” to pull their paintings together to create art they “love.”

The majority of workshop time will be devoted to painting, with helpful demos and exercises to nurture the creative artist within! There will also be time for individual critique and discussion of each student’s personal artistic goals and progress.

Student Supply list

Cold wax, Oil Paint, Brushes, Substrates. A complete supply list will be provided once you are registered.

bridgette guerzon-mills

limit 15

Bridgette Guerzon Mills

Bridgette Guerzon-Mills is a mixed media and encaustic artist with a love for nature. She is drawn to the inherent beauty and spirit of the natural world, and her artwork is a personal dialogue that reaches into the stillness of that spirit. Through both imagery and medium, she creates organic pieces that speak to the cycles of life, growth and decay, memory and the passage of time. Bridgette lives in Towson, Maryland.

a dialogue with the earth with bridgette guerzon-mills

The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.” Pablo Picasso

Join mixed media artist Bridgette Guerzon-Mills in an exploration in allowing nature to be our guide in creating artwork in the book form that digs deep into our connection with the Earth. We will explore our environment for natural materials to act as inspiration and jumping off points for design and concept, as well as elements within the pages of our hand-bound books.

Bridgette will lead the class through a variety of mixed media techniques that draw upon elements found in her creative practice: encaustic, fabric, thread, personal photos, collage, and the addition of natural elements. We will use plaster and fabric and found natural materials to create hand-bound books and the pages within.

Along with these techniques, we will discuss the stories of the earth around us - symbolism, mythology, and folklore that will feed the work we will be creating. Art is the bridge that can reconnect us to the stories we already know and our creative practice in dialogue with nature can help us to remember this connection.

Student Supply List

Spray bottle for water. Bookbinding needle, curved or straight. Waxed linen thread, 3 or 4 ply. Awl. Bone folder. Mark making tools such as pin tool, a tracing wheel, etc. Burnishing tool (metal spoon). Scissors. Single -edge razor blade. Roll of waxed paper. One roll of plaster cloth 4’x18” (Dick Blick Plaster Cloth). One yard of white cotton muslin. 9”x12” wire bound sketchbook. Favorite oil bar or oil paint for glazing (burnt umber, burnt sienna, ochre). Different colors of thread or embroidery floss for decorative stitches and/or sewing found natural materials onto pages. Apron.

Optional: Heat gun (if you have one). Small plastic bucket. Collect natural ephemera to incorporate into books. Collage materials (variety of papers, assortment of ephemera). Fabric pieces, cheesecloth, ribbon, thread. Photographs or imagery to collage: images can be inkjet prints, laser prints, black and white photocopies. Images to transfer onto wax - images need to be photocopies, black and white are preferred. Small tote bag to carry found materials in.

Materials Fee: $25 to be paid at registration

ray papka

limit 10

Raymond Papka

Ray Papka is a mixed media artist from Versailles, Kentucky. He loves to take old books and alter them by creating niches, cutouts, tearing, gluing, painting, collaging and changing by assemblage using found/created objects.

altered books with ray papka

This workshop taps into the unlimited potential of using books, embellishments and mixed media to create decorative artworks. You will learn a number of ways to use books as art substrates, to alter books as pieces of art, and create one or more altered books. You will use a shadow box/frame to enhance the altered book which will tell a story- well, at least a new story!

Raymond will talk about selecting books, basic tools and equipment, support and substrate preparation, found object embellishment, various ways to attach found/created objects to the artwork, safe studio considerations and assemblage of your own concept and design.

Student supply list

Books, paper, glue, found objects, tools. A complete supply list will be provided once you are registered.

Teacher will provide

Shadow boxes

Materials Fee $25 to be paid to Raymond on the first day

graceann warn

limit 12

GraceannWarn (1).jpeg

Graceann Warn is an encaustic and assemblage artist from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is in the collections of Yale University, Museum of Art and Design, New York, NY, US Embassies in Nairobi and Sarajevo, Pew Charitable Trusts and many others.


In this three-day Assemblage Workshop you will explore ways to take materials including wax, paper, found objects and paint and turn them into strong, succinct stories. Along with technical instruction that will cover using beeswax, collaging images, connecting objects and various mark-making techniques, we will discuss the very important aspects of art making: intent and content.

student supply list

Substrates, tools, paper, adhesive, wax, and plaster. A supply list will be provided upon registration.

Materials Fee - $25 to be paid when you register

shannon weber

limit 12

Shannon Weber

Shannon Weber is a working studio artist and educator working in 3D fiber sculpture. Shannon's works have received numerous awards and are held both in public and private collections, along with being seen and featured in 38 publications worldwide. She lives in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

conversations in nature with shannon weber

Whether you're an artist, writer, gardener, naturalist or day tripper, our relationships with nature are vital to the understanding of our world and ourselves. It is the connection of place that can drive and influence creativity of all kinds. For 3 days at IslandWood, we will engage nature by listening, watching, and gathering items off the land which will then be bound, stitched, woven, assembled, painted, and transformed into vessels, talismans, or simple nature diaries. While all materials will be provided, students are highly encouraged to bring their own collections of nature, paper, bits of fabric, thread or artworks that can be taken apart, added to, reassembled, transformed or used for embellishment. No experience is required, bring a light inspired spirit and be ready to see all material as options.

Student Supply List

Book awl. Small garden rose cutters. Scissors. Five to ten wooden clothes pins. One spool of 4-ply waxed linen thread. Kitchen dish towel. Studio or garden gloves. Protective eye wear (optional). Studio apron.

Materials Fee - $100 to be paid to Shannon on the first day