4450 Blakely Ave NE

Bainbridge Island, WA 98110


GETTING to IslandWood


Traveling from the airport by car, follow signs for I-5 North. Seattle Ferry terminal is exit 164B, about 30 minutes driving north on a good day; this is the Atlantic St exit and Safeco field exit. The exit will take you to Edgar Martinez Dr which is between Safeco Field and the parking garage.


You will fly into SEATAC airport which is approximately 30 minutes south of Seattle - if it’s not raining, traffic is perfect, there are no accidents and all the stars in the sky are aligned.

If you elect not to drive, you can either Uber to the Seattle Ferry terminal or take the light rail.

Uber is picked up in the parking garage across from the terminal on the third floor. Just follow the trail of rolling suitcases. It will cost you about $35.

Pay for your ticket at the station. Take the 30 minute ride to the International District station. From there you can walk 15 minutes to the ferries or take a quick Uber ride.

You can also Uber from the airport to the the Seattle Ferry terminal.

Please note that internet can be spotty on the Island, so it is advised that you print directions or add the map to your phone before getting on the ferry.


Everyone will take the Bainbridge Island ferry, unless you are driving from the peninsula, then you will drive on to the Island.

For up to date ferry information go here. You want the Bainbridge Island ferry. Once off the ferry, follow directions to IslandWood.

Parking is extremely limited at the campus. Please carpool.

Transportation will be available to/from the ferry if you are walking on the ferry.

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